Anthony Michael Spencer and his music

varied compositions from the 1970's onwards
Anthony Michael Spencer
Hello there!

Thankyou for taking an interest in my music. My abilities in music stated when, as a secondary school pupil at Robert Mellors, Arnold, Nottingham, I had a chance to show the class something of my abilities. This was more to do with my ability to 'make upmy own music' as it was called. At the time this was very basic, a sort of boogie but it still impressed some of the class.

I didn't start learning music 'properly until I was about 12 and I had difficulties with music theory and was slow at reading, I also had interupted learning.

At home I was always on the piano discovering new chords and chord sequences. I experimented a lot with rythm. Over years and decades my music aquired greater depth and interest. I was able to express my feelings through music.

The purchase of a tape recorder with ' sound-on-sound was such a thrill for me and I found myself recording pieces being composed on the spot, which was both good and bad. Bad because the listen would be able to tell the I was trying a reach for the chord I needed and then hanging on to it, good because I was able to interact with rythms, melodies and harmonies and add to them.

Now in 2011, I have found a new way of developing my skill and interest in music using music writing software. This has been hard but incredibly rewarding for me. However, up to now, I have contacted different organisations in order to advertise my musical ability but I tend to get no replies and I lose my sample cd's.

I hope you will find something about my music worth listening too and that there will be someone for whom my music speaks.

Thankyou for your attention.

Anthony M Spencer